IAVSD Symposium in Graz

The iCOMPOSE / Flanders Make Range Rover Evoque at the IAVSD Symposium

in Graz, 19.08.2015

20150819 iCOMPOSE-Flanders-RangeRoverEvoque-Team small

The European Project iCOMPOSE was presented on August 19 2015 at the IAVSD Symposium in Graz. The International Symposium on Dynamics of Vehicles on Road and Tracks is the leading international conference bringing together scientists and engineers from academia and industry in the field of ground vehicle dynamics to present and exchange their latest ideas and breakthroughs. More information: www.IAVSD2015.org

Dr. Daniel Watzenig (VIRTUAL VEHICLE) gave a presentation on the iCOMPOSE project and the 4th EV project cluster. Flanders Drive showcased a fully electric Range Rover Evoque demonstrator with 4 individually electrically driven wheels.

The photo shows: Daniel Watzenig (VIF), Wouter De Nijs (Flanders Make), Stephanie Messner (VIF), Koen Rutten (Flanders Make), Dries Hollebekkers (Flanders Make), Matthias Scharrer (VIF)