SpringerBriefs series - Comprehensive Energy Management.

The SpringerBriefs series publishes the book “Comprehensive Energy Management. Enhancement of energy efficiency in fully electric vehicles”. It collects articles from the “4th Generation EV” cluster projects and is edited by Daniel Watzenig and Bernhard Brandstaetter from VIF. The main topics of the book are integration of the energy management, thermal management and driveability/dynamics control. The book will be of interest to a wide range of readers: academics and researchers within engineering, graduate students, automotive engineers at OEMs and suppliers, ICT and software engineers, managers, and other decision-makers.


It includes contributions from the iCOMPOSE project by the following chapters: 

  • Semi-Autonomous driving based on optimized speed profile (Sebastiaan van Aalst, Flanders Make) 
  • The Design of Vehicle Speed Profile for Semi-Autonomous Driving (Zdenek Herda, Škoda)
  • Model Based Functional Safety Engineering (Dariusz Szymanski, Flanders Make)
  • Predictive Energy Management on Multi-Core Systems (Stephanie Grubmüller, Virtual Vehicle)
  • Model predictive control of highly efficient Dual Mode Energy Storage systems including DC/DC converter (Ralf Bartholomaeus, Fraunhofer IVI)
  • Holistic Thermal Management Strategies For Electric Vehicles (Matthias Hütter, AVL)