Progress beyond SOA


State-of-the-art Progress made by iCOMPOSE
Control System Architecture
Separate controllers for energy management, vehicle dynamics, driveability and HVAC. Novel integrated control structure implemented on the AURIX hardware platform of INF
Comprehensive Energy Management
Energy management systems for the control of the torque distribution between the front and rear drivetrains, without consideration of vehicle cornering. Comprehensive management of energy and thermal systems integrated with the torque-vectoring controller for multiple electric drivetrains in order to increase safety and fun-to-drive with lower energy consumption than with the existing control systems.
Adoption of Cloud-Sourced Information for Enhanced Vehicle Efficiency
Cloud-sourced information adopted for providing the driver with the optimal route. Vehicle demonstration of semi-autonomous driving for optimal energy efficiency and safety, based on the computationally efficient combination of optimal and model-predictive control techniques.
Energy Storage Unit Management
Advanced controllers for battery systems but basic control systems for DMES systems. Model-predictive controller for DMES systems combining energy efficiency and life duration enhancement, allowing global optimisation through the cloud-based information.